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Help:IRC channel

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On irc:// and irc:// you will typically find people who have an interest in Wiktionary and OmegaWiki. It is a great place to be not only for some good fun but also when you try to get to grips with difficult concepts like DefinedMeaning :)

If you have never used IRC before, you will need to download or install a client. This help page on Meta-wiki may help with this.

If you are using the Browser Opera, you could use its chat module. Firefox also has w:ChatZilla available as an Add-on. The few parameters are set up via the menu > Tools > Mail and chat accounts > …

If you do not want to install an IRC client you can also use this Web-based Client (works even behind a firewall). You only have to chose a nickname and connect to the channel #omegawiki.

If the above Web Client link is still broken, try this one or this one. Note, there is no entry in the pull-down list for #omegawiki. To join, select any channel on the list, and when your session opens, in the command bar at the bottom, type: /join #omegawiki.