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A collection is a group of concepts (aka Defined Meaning) which are tied together for any non-lexical reason. For example, some of them have been created to store from which source OmegaWiki has got them, as in the case of Gemet.

A single concept may have its own identifier in each collection, such as an entry number, a page number, a code, or similar. These identifiers are stored in the column Source identifier of lists of collection members.

A collection is itself a Defined Meaning and a Defined Meaning can be assigned to more than one collection. Usually, when creating or editing a Defined Meaning collections are left blank.

A collection is not a Class nor a Topic because it does not have an inherent structure and has nothing to do with lexical information.

Current Collections[edit]

The page Help:List of collections gives an exhaustive definition of each collection, and the associated identifiers.

Browsing the collections[edit]

See this tool for the expressions per collection and per language